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Blog Category: Alumni

Chain Reaction: How Jhanisus Melendez Went From Chemistry to Coding

To start a chemical reaction, you first need a reactant. That’s exactly what ex-chemist Jhanisus Melendez got one day while he was working as an ophthalmic image grading specialist at the Doheny Eye Institute.   “I was given the opportunity to work on a program that would automatically calculate data about our patient’s retinas. I thought Hey, this…

How Project-Based Learning Helped Alvin Go Escape His Career Plateau

What if your journal—the place where you write your deepest thoughts—could provide insights like a therapist? What if every entry could be analyzed and deliver comprehensive statistics about your overall emotional state? And what if you could use this information to predict your moods, understand your mental wellness, and possibly circumvent negative emotions? Thanks to…

How a C-Suite Harvard MBA Learned to “Talk Tech” at Boot Camp

Israel Niezen UCLA Coding Boot Camp

Taking the road less traveled can mean many different things. For some, it could mean dropping everything and traveling the world at age 60. For others, it might be going to culinary school after working a desk job for years. For Israel Niezen, Chief Revenue Officer of Telescope, a television audience engagement company, it meant…