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There comes a time when you decide you no longer want to have to pinch your pennies or live paycheck to paycheck. When you get to that point, maybe it’s time to find a new career–one that you’re not only passionate about, but will help you reach your life goals.

Looking for a job is not always fun and can be an incredibly time-consuming and stressful process. However, if executed properly, it can be less-painless and lead to fruitful results!

In order to win the big gig, you must first prepare. Here are a few key tips to get you across the finish line.


  1. Have a Game Plan. Evaluate and assess your strengths and abilities as well as your  weaknesses and how they apply to your chosen field. This will help you figure out your strongest skillset and where you may need to improve. Ask a trusted friend or family member to provide some insight as well.


  1. Keep Your Resume Short and Sweet. Your resume is you—on paper. It will be read quickly, so it must contain the right keywords and share the most essential things you want your future employers to know about you. Just like when you meet someone for the first time face to face, a first impression is a lasting impression. A resume is scanned for 6-10 seconds, and if we don’t like, we move on… so make it count!


  1. Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile. This can sometimes be more crucial than your resume. For starters, engage yourself with LinkedIn networks. Participate in various industry and interest groups, but don’t sit on the sidelines, get out there and make yourself known in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Search “groups you may like” or “groups directory” tabs. Join a few and post links to interesting articles, engage in discussions, and share key resources. This is a great way to get noticed by recruiters, referral sources, and hiring managers.


  1. Practice Job Interviews. No one won the big game without hard work and practice. Review key interview questions and have family members throw you a few curve balls. Practice in front of the mirror to monitor your hand movements, eye placements and practice sitting in a chair. Practice phone interviews, video interviews, as well as in-person interviews. When game time rolls around, you will be victorious.


  1. Use Job Boards Sparingly. It’s only worth applying for a job on job boards if a resume matches 80-85% of what the employer is asking for. Work smarter not harder. Don’t apply to any and everything just to appease “fill in the blank”. To maximize your chances of success, focus on the smaller, regional, and industry-specific job boards.


  1. Start Your Search Sooner Rather Than Later. You are not alone nor are you the first to be unemployed or unhappy with their current job. Crying over spilled milk will not make the milk clean itself up, so wipe the tears and get to it! The hiring process has become a longer process over the years with more arduous steps and delays between the application process and actually receiving an offer. So approach each search like you were in sales. Keep building your pipeline and expect to hear the word no—but stay optimistic!

With hard work and diligence, the right job IS out there. Keep a clear head, eat right, exercise, and always stay positive. Your work will be rewarded, and when you receive that offer letter, the feeling of accomplishment will be a sweet victory.

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