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At UCLA Extension Boot Camps, we take great pride in our students and admire the dedication they display throughout our programs and their many achievements after graduation.

Learning a new trade is an intensive journey, so we know that choosing the program or boot camp that will deliver your education is an important decision.

Explore how our programs can make a lasting impact in your life by reading the below student testimonials and reviews from The Coding and Cybersecurity Boot Camps.

Review: “I had to work extremely hard, stay focused, and really push myself and stay very motivated, but it was worth it.”
Ben Grant
Ben Grant
  • Full-Time
  • 2018 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Los Angeles

I chose to attend the program because I wanted a new career immediately. I was dissatisfied with my old career and wanted a change in a new industry. I knew I needed a good education to be able to apply new skills directly to a new job, so I thought this program would work for me, and it did. I did exactly that, and it’s working out great so far.

Granted, it wasn’t easy, I had to work extremely hard, stay focused, and really push myself and stay very motivated, but it was worth it. I like my new job a lot. I like being in the tech industry, and I’m improving my skills every day. I know nothing is guaranteed, and there’s definitely a chance you won’t get the job you want after this program, but it worked for me, and I’m happy I did it.

Review: “This full stack web development boot camp is the best decision I had made for my career.”
Rutul Patel Coding Boot Camp Graduate
Rutul Patel
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Los Angeles

This full stack web development boot camp is the best decision I had made for my career. I was planning to attend grad school; but then choose this boot camp instead to learn a new technology. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering, even though I didn’t know how to properly make a full stack application. This course taught me how to make a full stack web application using all the new technologies (MERN stack) and it enabled me to quickly grasp other relevant, important technologies like MEAN stack as they are one and the other. The instructor, tutors, and career support are phenomenal; they always respond to my pings/queries in less than an hour when I am not in class.

Instructor (Omar Patel) was extremely helpful and has a tendency to explain things in simple terms, terms that we can easily understand and are hard to forget. Tutors were also very helpful in teaching and solving queries. I mostly worked with Jonathan (tutor), he’s great and always tries to push me to learn other things. Career support is also helpful, they organized many career sessions where you can meet with potential employers.

I strongly recommend to take this course at UCLA Extension to anyone who wants to change their field to IT or who wants to improve their programming skills.

Review: “This course is not EASY! It requires time and dedication. But don't let this discourage you! ”
Juan Navarrete Coding Boot Camp Graduate
Juan Navarrete
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Los Angeles

This course is not EASY!!! It requires time and dedication. But don’t let this discourage you, the faculty team is supportive and knowledgeable. The instructor, Omar Patel, is amazing at presenting coding concepts and teacher’s assistants make themselves readily available for office hours.

This course is part-time, but you’ll have to study and work outside of class to grasp the concepts. It is recommended that you put in 20 hours/week, at times you’ll be frustrated and doubting your intelligence. It happens to most students. I had felt this way once or twice during this course, but I survived, and you too can do the same.

To do well in this course you’ll need the following:

1: Time Management: Allocate time to study the material, do not rely on being spoon fed the material.

2: Resilience: This is going to be difficult with a lot of material being thrown at you. Just remember your ultimate goal, and how this course is going to help you achieve this goal.

3. Open-mind: Learning to code is completely different and new, and requires a different mindset. When learning these skills, step in with an open mind and explore a new perspective of thinking.

Review: “This boot camp will definitely challenge you but reward you by introducing you to new things, people, and ideas.”
Tony Clayton Coding Boot Camp Graduate
Tony Clayton
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Los Angeles

TL;DR: Ignore boot camp stereotypes, focus on yourself and what you want.  The harder the struggle the better the payoff, if its too easy, step it up! This boot camp will definitely challenge you but reward you by introducing you to new things, people, and ideas.

If you’re here it means that you’re searching around for some way to better yourself and either improve on skills or learn new skills for a possible career. I was in the same boat about 9-10 months ago, searching for a place where I could learn something entirely new to help change my life around.

Fresh out of high school, I was accepted into Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s computer engineering program. I thought I would be able to keep up, but I soon had to drop out due to my grades and other difficulties. Shortly after, I spent four years getting a Bachelor’s Degree in IT and working customer service/help desk jobs, not being able to break into the industry doing what I wanted to do for the next few years. After changing direction and doing web design for six months, I appreciated the work I did with that and wanted to pursue that but only found out (at the time) in order to get into web design and development, you needed a Computer Science/Engineering degree.  I kept hearing this everywhere I went, so I did research and wanted to go back to school. But since I already had a Bachelor’s Degree, a lot of places were limited.

It was then I heard about coding boot camps, but of course there was a trail of negativity and stereotypes behind them.  I looked into SO many, but none of them really fit what I was trying to accomplish, or I couldn’t afford them, or I couldn’t attend full-time due to other obligations.  But there comes a time in your life when you need to drop all your excuses, forget everyone else’s opinions, and just go for it.

I spoke with Alex to address all of my concerns about boot camps, what I will be learning, possible career options, and much more.  Alex was very helpful and answered all of my questions patiently (I think we spoke for over an hour).  After talking with Alex, I was a little more at ease about the program but still somewhat skeptical. I needed to just jump in and do it.

What was great about this program was that it wasn’t a WYSIWYG: it was a dynamic, challenging, frustrating, tiring, fun, and emotional experience (for me at least).  I didn’t just learn “Full Stack Development” or just strictly JavaScript, I was taught how to learn, so that If I ever want to learn something outside of development, I have the ability to do so. Major props to the instructors, TA’s, staff, and peers who made that possible and who gave me the drive to succeed.

In conclusion, you’re going to find a lot of places and hear a lot of things.  The decision is yours, but I am highly recommending The Coding Boot Camp at UCLA Extension because of my experience and outcome.

Review: “I am so happy I chose to take this course!”
Nico Flicker Coding Boot Camp Graduate
Nico Flicker
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Los Angeles

I am so happy I took this course. I had always had an interest in coding and web design but was somewhat scared to take the leap into it. I remember starting the class nervous and worried — since my background was in marketing/writing. However, I was quickly met with challenges and a vast amount of support from the team at the coding boot camp.

One of the biggest challenges for me was breaking code and making mistakes. I was scared of mistakes but I quickly learned to be comfortable with making mistakes and ultimately learning so much in such a short amount of time because of my new comfort and the support of the TA’s and instructor. No matter how many mistakes I made, I was always met with encouragement and support.

This program is great for those who want to continue working full-time. I would say the six-month program is one of the few coding boot camps that you can do while continuing to work. The support of the both the instructor and the staff helped me transition from my marketing manager position at work into a junior web developer. I am so happy I chose to take this course, although it was challenging, I was able to have fun and actually looked forward to every class.

Review: “I highly recommend this course over many other boot camps as they have shown sincere caring for their students.”
Ceejay Varias Coding Boot Camp Graduate
Ceejay Varias
  • Part-Time
  • 2016 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Los Angeles

This course is extremely helpful in starting a career in software development by learning new material at a great pace and providing you with many resources.

The class curriculum is flexible and can change depending on student learning flow and the industry’s evolving job requirements. The initial class schedule is based off the needed logic/material to learn basic web programming. As the course moves forward, the teachers and career advisors become open to any suggestions or changes that will help you to better understand material at your pace and/or increase your likelihood of finding a job. I really liked how students were able to vote on learning certain topics in the class and were given many opportunities for reviewing the material.

The teachers were also always readily available to help. In class, they are open ears the majority of the time. They have a professional grasp of the material and are very open-minded to all the levels of student experience.  Although they have their own jobs outside of class, they do try their best to respond to their students’ messages/inquiries.

The homework and projects were engaging and ranged in difficulty. Students are typically given two different levels of homework, beginner or advanced. You have the freedom to choose one or both, which helped many students choose their own pace. As someone who has learned a different programming language before, the advanced homework was definitely doable for even the beginner programmer. It all depends on your learning pace and work ethic.

The career curriculum is just as helpful as the class material. The career advisors are constantly providing students with online resources, in-class sessions, and bringing in accomplished developers/businesses to provide insight. The career sessions taught the class how to write resumes, search for jobs, speak in interviews and everything in between. Gabrielle and Alex, the career advisors of our cohort, were always welcoming and never batted an eye to any of the students. They will take time out of their day to meet or speak on the phone about any comments, concerns or suggestions.

The best thing about the course was being able to balance it with a full-time job. There were times when my time was very limited, but the pace of the course really helped me keep up with the material. The course requires you to keep an open mind and to constantly keep working hard for what you want.

I highly recommend this course over many other boot camps as they have shown sincere caring for their students. Whether you never studied programming before or have been doing it your whole life, there is definitely something you can learn from this course. As long as you work for it, you are guaranteed to achieve your own success.

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