About Omar Patel

Omar Patel UCLA Instructor BioHey there, I’m Omar and I work as the Lead instructor for the UCLA Extension Coding Boot Camp. My background in software started in 2011, just after graduating Berkeley in Political Science/Pre-Dental Studies. I realized that I didn’t want to go to dental school and Political Science research wasn’t really what I wanted to do at the time. After some soul-searching, I realized I wanted to solve problems and that some type of analyst position would fit my wants. A couple of months later, that cumulated into an entry-level developer position. Since then, I’ve worked for different companies as a software developer, learning a lot through a lot of trials and errors (mostly errors). Eventually, I got into teaching while working as a full-time dev, leading me towards the path of teaching development, leading me to where I am now. I’m teaching my second cohort now and have been loving it. The students and staff have all been great and it’s been so rewarding seeing students learn and grow.